10 mum-friendly style tips to staying feminine

Feel it, touch it, wear it

There’s always the risk of putting ourselves last, maybe it’s our children’s needs that take priority or simply a lack of time? Yet a confident mum is a blessing for any kid, and oneself!

So here are my 10 tips for easy feminine comfort;

1. Pairing it perfectly

Pair it perfectly

Comfortable masculine-meets-feminine, that beats the commonly worn all-day yoga look, is a soft blouse and tailored, easy fitting pants

2. Easy flats

Easy flats

Ballet flats rather than trainers, is a sure feminine style fixer

3. Ample time
Ample time
Counterbalance your feminine wrists with a menswear-inspired wristwatch. Tough enough to withstand toddler tugging

4. In the trenches
In the trenches
Take on your daily errands, by ditching the fleece in preference of the pulled-together look of a trench coat

5. Head for height
Head for height
If stilettos are the furthest thing from your head, then go for the gentle and stable rise of a wedge shoe

6. Back to basics
Back to basics
Slim down in leggings rather than cargo pants, but be sure to wear a tunic-styled top which skims mid thigh

7. Feel it, touch it, wear it
Feel it, touch it, wear it

Accessorise, but know that the length of necklaces and earrings are directly proportionate to your
child’s age!

8. Make your shape
Make your shape
The underwire lift-effect of the T-shirt bra is a wardrobe necessity, especially for women who’ve given birth and nursed

9. Your right-hand ‘wow-man’
Your right-hand'wow-man'
Make your bag a worthy travel partner. Only take her out if she’s looking her best, fix her, empty her, reshape her then own her stylish form

10. Lead by example
Lead by example
Who better than you to teach your children about being earth, people and animal friendly by supporting ethical brands.

Do you have your own style tip to share with me and other readers?

I’d love to hear how you ‘do’ feminine yet functional style!

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