Leather Q & A

Patent leather is animal leather

Q. I have a pair of mary-janes that say they’re ‘patent’ leather. They’re very shiny, so can I assume they’re man-made leather?

Patent leather is animal leather

A. This high-gloss finish can be deceiving; patent leather is animal leather that, in general, begins with animal leather that undergoes a process to achieve the glossy look. Just because the coating is shiny doesn’t mean that animal leather isn’t used underneath.

Q. I have no qualms about wearing leather, and don’t want to be criticised for doing so.
supporting animal leather
A. That’s free choice. Which is more than the animals have. I believe we all have compassion. I’m sure you have oodles too. But can I guess that you haven’t looked hard into the current, documented cruelly of the leather industry? Watched undercover footage?

It’s certainly easier not to.

I too was quite ignorant, until I knew too much to support this industry.

I’m no agony aunt, but have you considered that those who are criticising you (I don’t condone it) are doing so because they know of the suffering and don’t want you contributing unknowingly?

That might be worth a thought.

Q. I’ve found a trendy biker jacket from Uniqlo. I know it’s synthetic, which suits my budget, but I worry it’s going to make me sweat?

biker jacket
A. Nice one! I see online that it has a 100% polyester lining. A pity, as a pure cotton lining would keep you cooler.

Check to see if the jacket is made from Polyurethane Pleather. This material is easily washable and is porous.

Happy shopping!

Please keep these questions coming. I love to hear from you! 🐮👛


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