I’ve given up meat, surely not leather now too?

shoe collection

Q. As a 20-year vegetarian, I’ve had nothing to do with the meat industry. Well, until recently when a friend’s daughter showed me a YouTube video on vegan fashion. I had alway just thought of my diet, not my clothing. Now I feel so overwhelmed!
shoe collection
A. One can feel overwhelmed initially. My first fear was what I would do with my beloved shoes, 98% of which were leather!

Baby steps. I still have and wear my most favoured leather pieces, but I won’t spend my money in the industry.

It’s really an opportunity for you to expand and grow more as a compassionate, open person.

So enjoy the journey!

Please share your questions, suggestions and leather-related stories in the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you! 👠

5 thoughts on “I’ve given up meat, surely not leather now too?

  1. Hi Lyn,
    Great blog 🙂 Beyond Skin is a British footwear brand that creates stylish, luxury shoes for the discerning woman. We would love to send you an email with more information, if you would be so kind to send your email over please?
    Thanks heaps!
    Beyond Skin

  2. Like you Lyn, I’m not buying leather anymore. I still wear shoes that I have but it’s becoming more difficult to wear them. I always abhorred fur and would NEVER even THINK of buying it or wearing it. Somehow I didn’t make the connection with leather (it’s animal skin too, no different than fur.). I thought it was a byproduct, somehow I justified it, thinking it’s better to use it than throw it away.

    With compassion,

    ❤ carmen

    1. I so agree Carmen. I’ve got some boots to minimise, but my pre-vegan leather boots are still very well-worn yet comfortable to wear. So wear them I will!

  3. Lovely to hear from you again Carmen. I agree, animal leather is so abundant in our clothing, footwear and accessory options, it’s hard to make the connection between these ‘socially acceptable’ options versus the harm it brings to animals. Thankfully we we getting more and more textile innovators coming up with sustainable options.

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