The vegan Madison bag by GUNAS

A savvy chic friend and boutique owner recently exclaimed, “Everyone needs to travel with a leather bag!” I agree, but only if that leather is what’s nowadays being called ‘future’ leather.

‘Future’ leather is manmade material which offers us a way to enjoy sustainable fabric that truly looks and wears beautifully, while also ecologically superior to the toxic brew of preserving animal hides.

Thankfully, it’s present not future, so we don’t need to wait! Drum roll…

GUNAS, a fave NYC-based bag brand of mine, already offers online buyers really upmarket yet affordable styles from totes, handbags, clutches to backpacks.  Last Christmas I snapped up my first GUNAS, and certainly it won’t be my last. (Actually, I bought another, but shhh, it’s a birthday present for my youngest daughter 🤗)

My GUNAS Madison is pure bliss!

Selecting from their 9-colour options was a breeze. Gunas’ tan colour option is a real classic and great replacement piece to my long since relinquished animal leather congac-coloured bag.

Bag in tow I hit the road again this Easter.

With a suitcase arsenal of navy, greys, denim and blues, Madison perfectly accessorised my 7-day looks.

Carried along airport conveyor belts, on show at some of the Cape’s most stylish vineyards, to the dusty roads of Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary, this bag suited all occasions.

Aside from the versatility of its colour, what I probably value the most about the Madison bag is how lightweight and spacious it is.

Spacious though can be a bad thing, but with this style and form, because the Madison is designed with structure and a good rectangular base, I find it easy to pack and unpack. Keys, lipsticks and cellphones are easily stored in the smaller inner pockets or the outer.

There’s also the option to wear it with the detachable body strap, which I’ve still to try.

This is truly where style and ethics meet.  The designers who have really grasped what our future needs to look like and have made it happen today, are certain for success. GUNAS is one such company, and lucky us, we get to wear this high fashion label with pride.

As far as I’m concerned, this bag’s worth its weight in a ticket to Mars! (The future indeed)

Happy travels!





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