Book review – Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

Santa's First Vegan Christmas

Could there be any better gift than a box of vegan chocolate?

This year there is!

It’s a book entitled, ‘Santa’s First Vegan Christmas’.

Santa's First Vegan ChristmasLike choccies, this children’s book will be enjoyed by all ages.

Firstly, the book’s cover illustration is quite possibly the yummiest I’ve ever seen (is it only me or do you also think it looks good enough to eat?).

Yet it’s the rhyming heart-felt storyline that really touches me as a parent.

Therein lies the true gift for this Christmas – sharing author Robin Raven’s vision for a kinder partnership between humans and other animals.

Dana the, brave and independent-thinking, reindeer and Santa Claus come together as friends.  Here is a short glimpse into the grace of rhyming, whilst I’ll leave the full magnificence to you and child to enjoy!

“Santa and Dana worked together in the lovely moonlight.

There was much to accomplish on this magical night.”

And if you too enjoy making life easier and Christmas more fun, then you’ll know that it’s not too early to snap-up a couple of copies, ready and waiting as Christmas pressies! Available on Amazon in hardcover & kindle.

Want a kid’s opinion of the book?  This 4-minutes video shares my 12-year old daughter’s thoughts!

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