Kids’ heart-pounding activism

As a parent to two young activists, I’m standing in my living room, witness to something pretty darn inspiring.

I watch as my youngest daughter prances around like she has ants in her pants. She reads aloud, sharing every encouraging comment made on her fledgling YouTube channel sharing.

She’s literally radiant in her realisation that she has the ability to connect, interact and positively impact others around our globe.

“I’ve made a difference mummy!”  She’s sure of it. That’s all one needs.


These are today’s young vegan activists – willing, brave and socially ‘tooled up’ to be heard!

Just look at how online sharing spread Luiz Antonio’s immediate food choices. This adorably innocent 3-year old touched our hearts when he was captured on video, discovering his suppertime octopus was once a live animal.

When kids speak from their hearts, it’s authentic and a joy to watch. Which is maybe why we are so willing to come back for more. Delivered from the mouths of babes the vegan message seems more easily received and keenly shared.

Teenage boys have their unique way and language of tackling the many issues around veganism. Take ‘Kevin The Vegan Kid’ for instance. His down to earth, matter-of-fact tone keeps his viewers watching.

Then there is Kevin Storm. This one time radio-show host is just shy of 2000 Facebook followers, who keenly await his newly elected activist platform.

It may be that girls offer more sugar and spice in their delivery. Lilly of ‘Lillycution’ is a new kid on the block, with one of her short videos hitting just under 1000 viewings. Her spirited experience of owning one’s veganism at school might well empower others.

Check out the gorgeous twin sisters, ‘Nina and Randa’, apt at sharing issues and advice for the older teens. The point is there are enough online platforms for diversity. Even for the softly spoken, such as ‘Vegan Whisperer’, who often prefer the power of the pen for sharing their vegan truth.

When we see kids taking the courage and time to speak out, write or get involved in any form of activism, it is because they recognise that change is possible, and the need for reform is critical.

What a beautiful place to start. In the face of standing out from their strong peer group, kids are still brave enough to take action, because they know it’s within their power to help.

This is how kids roll.

They are using their own hearts as their campus. Go online and it is evident that they are quickly finding their individual voices.

If you have an online activist in your home, or know of one whom you’d like to give a shout-out for, please comment below.

Let’s share and spread their love! And on that note, Lilly can be found posting weekly YouTube videos at Lillycution!

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