Saying “NO” to conventional beauty

Saying “NO” to conventional beauty

There’s no bigger critic than ourselves, is there? Especially when it comes to our perception of what beauty is, let alone society’s persuasions.

So why then have I chosen to shave my shoulder-length hair to an uncommon buzz cut? Especially at 46, with life already etched into my face!

Granted it is an up coming trend – one need only look at the recent Fall Fashion Week models to see that – but no, I’m 46 and not delusional. Trends don’t motivate me and neither do youthful flawless faces.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month maybe it’s presumed that that was my catalyst. No, I advocate cancer prevention through eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, regular exercise and mindfulness. This encourages one’s focus on lifestyle and disease prevention first, rather than detection later.

My intention behind this bold shave is the intuitive feeling of opportunity:

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