10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

The classic womens’ button down shirt, tunic and shirtdress are timeless wardrobe staples.

It’s no wonder, as these styles are easy to dress up or down, can be worn any season and appeal to women of many ages.

To be reassured by their versatility and timelessness, one needs only to look into the wardrobes of minimalists and capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, to see these pieces in their vital closet arsenal.

Yet I believe that the true value comes when combining this lasting style with a superior fabric, and made by environmentally conscious brands.

Now your have longevity personified!

This is where Tencel comes in; derived from wood pulp, this non-synthetic, yet vegan-friendly fibre, offers a silky soft skin feel, drapes beautifully, is more absorbent than cotton, and will keep you cooler than linen. Learn more about Tencel here

Let me assure you, in some cases it’s not easy to find the umbrella sustainability picture of each’s company’s manufacturing and labour practises, but I recon I have you well-covered in terms of eco conscious and ethical brands listed below:

SR 10 Chic Tencel Shirts

  1. Edda Tunic Dress by Siizu
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Black 
    LG Siizu Edda Tunic
  2. LULE Tencel Shirt by Komodo
    Composition: 70% Tencel / 30% Linen | Colours: Light Denim & Dark Denim
    LG Komdo LULE Tencel Shirt
  3. Museo Tunic by Exofficio (and found on Zappos)
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colours: White & Black
    LG Exofficio Museo Tunic
  4. Fairtide Black Blouse by Kestan
    Composition: 75% Tencel 21% Cotton 4% Spandex | Colour: Black
    LG Kestan Fairtide Black Blouse
  5. Long Sleeve Twisted Tunic by Nau
    Composition: 58% Tencel 42% Organic Cotton | Colour: Bone, Caviar, Sable & Space
    LG Nau Long Sleeve Twisted Tunic
  6. The Shirt Button Down by Siizu
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colours: White & Black & Blue
    LG Siizu The Shirt Button Down
  7. Kiley Long Sleeve Shirt by KUHL (and found on Zappos)
    Composition: main body: 59% Tencel, 39% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex| Colours: Charcoal, Ash & Denim Blue
    LG KUHL Kiley Long Sleeve Shirt
  8. Kiri Shirt Dress by Amour Vert (and found on Elborne Living)
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Blue 
    LG Amour Vert Kari Shirt Dress
  9. Rex Shirt by Fig Clothing
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Black & Denim Blue
    LG Fig Clothing Rex Shirt
  10. L’Herbe Rouge Denim Hebrides Oversized Shirt by The-Acey
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Blue 
    LG L'Herbe Rouge Denim Oversized Shirt

Have I missed your fav? While Tencel is going to be, if not already, a dime a dozen in the fast-fashion retailers, it’s the sustainable brands we’re interested in.

Let me know, in the comments below or contact me here, if you’ve lovin’ an ethically made Tencel shirt, tunic or shirtdress!





One thought on “10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

  1. I had no idea what Tencel was, so thank you for the info. I would, in my not knowing, probably have avoided it. The shirts look so good!

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