5 shirts for men, cool & ethically made

My husband runs on HOT!

If you’re a hottie, or perhaps your guy is, he’s probably going to opt for short-sleeve tees just about all year round. Can you relate? When super casual days turn to smart casual occasions then his choice of shirt will likely be all about staying cool!

So when my husband saw my easy-breathing Tencel shirt from Exofficio he ‘wanted some of what she’s having!’  

Tencel, this regenerated fibre, is not only vegan and eco-freindly, but controls and regularly absorbs moisture, so perspiration marks can be a thing of the past!  Organic cotton is also a great eco-happy option, so I’ve included the options in my 5.

5 shirts for men, cool & ethically made

You won’t see him in checks.

Now that staying cool is sorted, said husband won’t wear checked shirts; rather they’d always be long-sleeved and if he can find shirts free of chest pockets, all the better too!  As he errs on a minimalistic wardrobe, it’s built on monochromatic hues of grey, black and dark blue.

He’s one quality guy.

Quality over quantity has been his motto for the 19 years I’ve loved him. With a developing awareness and appreciation for fair-labour practices and eco-freindly fibres he’s on a natural progression to choosing more sustainable brands.

So here are 5 favourite for hot guys looking for cool options!


5 shirts for men, cool & ethically made.

  1. Savannah Safari Shirt by No Nasties
    Composition: Certified 100% organic cotton
    Safari Shirt_ Savannah by No Nasties
  2. Bryce Chambray Button Down by United By Blue
    Composition: 100% organic cotton chambray
    Bryce Chambray Button Down by United By Blue.jpg
  3. Palermo Tencel Shirt by Komodo
    Composition: 100% Tencel
    Palermo Tencel Shirt by Komodo
  4. Big Shirt by Tianello
    Composition: 64% Tencel/36% rayon
    Men's Tencel Big Shirt by Tianello
  5. Twisted Long Sleeve by Nau
    Composition: 58% Tencel/42% organic cotton
    Twisted Long Sleeve Shirt by Nau

Have I missed any of your favs? While Tencel is going to be, if not already, a dime a dozen in the fast-fashion retailers, it’s supporting ethical brands we’re interested in.

Let me know, in the comments below or contact me here, if you’ve lovin’ an ethically made men’s Tencel button down shirt!



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