Book review: True Style Is What’s Underneath

This style book sets out to profile stylish influencers and celebrities who defy the cookie-cutter looks of today’s fashion magazines. A welcome reprieve.

It’s well written and the subjects’ quotes are often thought provoking, honest and inspiring. I’ve included two of my favourites;

“Insecurities sell. What would the fashion industry be like if every woman liked how she looked?”  Staceyann Chin

Yet I felt disappointed by the overriding extravagance of dress depicted by most of the book’s celebs and influencers. It left me feeling like the authors missed an important opportunity – to showcase the value of self expression and self acceptance through the powerful force behind a minimalistic style aesthetic.

An intentionally small or paired down monochromatic wardrobe would have juxtaposed the overriding complex styles. To me the visuals illustrated ‘self acceptance = nonconformist style of dress’, which I’m quite sure it not the intent of the mother, daughter authoring duo.

I’d have enjoyed influencers such as Jenny Mustard represented, just as an example. (She has a unique and identifiable style of dress, honed in her commitment to minimalism).  Signe, the blogger behind Use Less is another YouTuber who illustrates less can be more when finding authentic style from mainstream brands.

Book review_ True Style Is What's Underneath-2

I purchased this hardcover book, having discovered the authors’ YouTube channel, StyleLikeU. The message behind their ‘The What’s Underneath Project‘ is compelling and has been included into the book from chapter 5 – 7. This series speaks of true style is self acceptance; because let’s face it, it’s really not about the clothes!

“I realise beauty is anyone who’s living their true essence, who’s vibrating something that’s true to them.” Sarah Sophie Flicker

Readers who enjoy abundance in personal styling will relish this coffee-table-worthy book.

For those who live by the ‘less is more’ wardrobe philosophy, if nothing else, this book’s manifesto can certainly inspire empathy, appreciation, even celebration, for the different roads one might journey towards self expression.




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