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This is our platform for an on-going shared conversation over clothing, timeless fashion and style.

Together I hope to take our conversations to a place of more consciousness around our fashion’s creation and consumption.

Today, fashion is having pretty devastating impacts on our beautiful earth’s resources, the industry’s workforce (the majority of whom are women) and the animals we indirectly abuse for ‘materials’.

These issues might feel overwhelming to tackle at first glance, but you can become empowered by taking small steps towards more compassionate choices.

As a practicing eco-conscious personal stylistcertified vegan lifestyle coach and educator and professional plant-based chef, I now have the passion and know-how to personally guide others in their desire to further align themselves with this life-affirming ideology.

Everyone has a voice, here is your chance to use it.

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about the author

final about authorAs a conscious style blogger, I am not a fashionista. I don’t care for this week’s trends, but rather believe each of us can look and feel great when we know what colours, silhouettes and fabrics best complement our bodies, lifestyle and personalities.

I also believe we can harness an incredible, authentic sense of style when we become truly conscious of our choices, and love ourselves. Stylish for the wearer, the maker, our planet and animals, that’s style!

And who, might you ask, am I to be writing on this topic?

Having spent my entire life exposed to the many facets of the fashion industry, I have a unique understanding of its connection to people, places and animals.

Being a hobby seamstress’ daughter and avid designer, I’ve made a living from selling clothes of my own design, personal styling services and re-selling upscale brands. When you throw in my marketing, PR and journalistic ventures it’s no surprise my passion has cultivated in this very blog!

A well-travelled South African, I am intrigued by the disparities that plague the globe. While some parts of the world favour fast-fashion over sustainability, others do not. It’s the “others” I call my people. Because no matter where you live, a shared joie de vivre is enough to close the gap.

In the nineties, I built a brand of my own design with pieces that happily lasted 15+ years for customers. Unfortunately, not many owners of H&M shirts can say the same thing.

My time spent in Saudi Arabia and Qatar introduced me to the re-sale market and I haven’t looked back! Not only are thrifted pieces often cheaper, but singularly different from off the racks items. Putting my sewing skills (to revamp my finds) to good use, my business thrived using myself and daughters as models and international friends as clients.

I’ve lended my voice to publications like GLAM, Qatar’s leading fashion magazine and completed certifications in becoming a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Home Chef. A jack of many trades, all under the large umbrella of sustainable fashion and food.

Along the way, I haven’t been shy about offering my expertise in personal dressing. Having a hand in the making of clothes and a voice in the trade gets me out of bed in the morning.

I’ve heard excitement is contagious, and I really hope that’s true. Because I am very excited to share my passion with all of you!

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  1. Hey there! I just discovered you through BerryRipe’s Top Vegan Blogs. Congrats on making the list! Anyway, I’ve been poking around on your blog and I love it! I’m happy to have found you. I love that you’re a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator. That sounds really interesting to me. Have a wonderful week! Celeste 🙂

    1. Welcome Celeste, it’s just so lovely hearing from you! I have to admit at being thrilled to be on BerryRipe’s list. Stylists who are openly supportive of only vegan fashion are few and far between, so I welcome readers who enjoy my blog (not all about fashion though, as you have seen) and can share! Keep smiling! Lynette

  2. Hi Lynette! I’m glad we met through a mutual friend–Celeste–she’s a darling!!
    I’m following you and I’ll be stopping by regularly!!
    ❤ carmen

  3. Hello Lynette,

    I couldn’t find an email on your blog and was wondering if there is an email I can send info regarding a partnership proposal with a vegan high fashion handbag label I am working with? Thank You!

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