Tencel: Today’s eco-sexy textile!

Tencel: Today’s eco-sexy textile!
I’ve only come to know, wear and love Tencel in the last 6-months, yet already I’m hooked!
My Tencel shirts are by far my favourite, not only because they feel so soft, but also drape beautifully on one’s body. Check out my top 10 favourite here!
Aside from that – as if that’s not enough – the fact that this textile screams eco-freindly quality sits so well with my more intentional clothing choices.
We’ve certainly come into an age where the concept of slow-fashion and sustainability are really taking off, making on-going fabric innovation inevitable.

In my own journey, I’ve become actively curious about my clothing selection and the impact these choices are having on those who make my clothing, how far these pieces travel and the original of their cloth.

When it comes to Tencel, what’s not to like about this easy-comfort, eco and animal-freindly material.

Yet it’s in the understanding the ‘how and why’ that brings great appreciation for this regenerative textile.

So here’s my easy guide to understanding Tencel:


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10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

The classic womens’ button down shirt, tunic and shirtdress are timeless wardrobe staples.

It’s no wonder, as these styles are easy to dress up or down, can be worn any season and appeal to women of many ages.

To be reassured by their versatility and timelessness, one needs only to look into the wardrobes of minimalists and capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, to see these pieces in their vital closet arsenal.

Yet I believe that the true value comes when combining this lasting style with a superior fabric, and made by environmentally conscious brands.

Now your have longevity personified!

This is where Tencel comes in; derived from wood pulp, this non-synthetic, yet vegan-friendly fibre, offers a silky soft skin feel, drapes beautifully, is more absorbent than cotton, and will keep you cooler than linen. Learn more about Tencel here

Let me assure you, in some cases it’s not easy to find the umbrella sustainability picture of each’s company’s manufacturing and labour practises, but I recon I have you well-covered in terms of eco conscious and ethical brands listed below:

SR 10 Chic Tencel Shirts

  1. Edda Tunic Dress by Siizu
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Black 
    LG Siizu Edda Tunic
  2. LULE Tencel Shirt by Komodo
    Composition: 70% Tencel / 30% Linen | Colours: Light Denim & Dark Denim
    LG Komdo LULE Tencel Shirt
  3. Museo Tunic by Exofficio (and found on Zappos)
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colours: White & Black
    LG Exofficio Museo Tunic
  4. Fairtide Black Blouse by Kestan
    Composition: 75% Tencel 21% Cotton 4% Spandex | Colour: Black
    LG Kestan Fairtide Black Blouse
  5. Long Sleeve Twisted Tunic by Nau
    Composition: 58% Tencel 42% Organic Cotton | Colour: Bone, Caviar, Sable & Space
    LG Nau Long Sleeve Twisted Tunic
  6. The Shirt Button Down by Siizu
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colours: White & Black & Blue
    LG Siizu The Shirt Button Down
  7. Kiley Long Sleeve Shirt by KUHL (and found on Zappos)
    Composition: main body: 59% Tencel, 39% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex| Colours: Charcoal, Ash & Denim Blue
    LG KUHL Kiley Long Sleeve Shirt
  8. Kiri Shirt Dress by Amour Vert (and found on Elborne Living)
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Blue 
    LG Amour Vert Kari Shirt Dress
  9. Rex Shirt by Fig Clothing
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Black & Denim Blue
    LG Fig Clothing Rex Shirt
  10. L’Herbe Rouge Denim Hebrides Oversized Shirt by The-Acey
    Composition: 100% Tencel | Colour: Denim Blue 
    LG L'Herbe Rouge Denim Oversized Shirt

Have I missed your fav? While Tencel is going to be, if not already, a dime a dozen in the fast-fashion retailers, it’s the sustainable brands we’re interested in.

Let me know, in the comments below or contact me here, if you’ve lovin’ an ethically made Tencel shirt, tunic or shirtdress!





7 tips to earn cash by purging your closet

7 tips to earn cash by purging your closet

Developing a more minimalistic approach to our closet needs is gaining maximum appeal.

On the backend of this conscious movement, comes the renewed appreciation for buying fewer, deliberately sought basics. As any good personal stylist will agree, purchasing from consignment stores and vintage boutiques can offer buyers quality apparel, at more affordable prices.

Whatever the motivation to streamline and redefine one’s closet staples, the decluttering journey can bring surprising financial rewards, when reselling your higher quality, well kept items.

So ask yourself, if you were to develop habits of buying less, at better quality, what resold essentials would you snap up? Maybe you have some worthy pieces in your closet that you’re ready to let go of to make space for less?

Here are 7 tips to earn cash while purging your closet;

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5 stylish shopping resolutions

5 stylish shopping resolutions

Move over January and February! March, in fact any month, is just as good a time to make a stylish resolution, don’t you think?

Lucky for you, today is your best day to feel more stylish, inwardly and outwardly, while committing to kinder, more ethically focused fashion choices.

With this in mind, I’m offering 5 fashion shopping resolution ideas; take your pick as which inspires and fits you best!

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10 Tips to Recognise Better Quality Clothing

10 Tips to Recognise Better Quality Clothing

If we’re ready to support a more environmentally sustainable and ethically focused lifestyle, then selecting “quality clothing over quantity” is a sure start.

It’s said we are filling our wardrobes 60% more than only 10 years ago, and journalist Lucy Siegle tells us 80 billion new garments are produced globally every year.

Not only are we consuming more than necessary, but also we are feverishly filling our wardrobes with bargain-priced pieces, only to quickly discard them for another seasonal ‘must-have’.

For those of us who were clothes shopping before the fast-fashion phenomenon took hold 20 years ago, can perhaps recognise the deterioration of fabric and stitching quality in today’s disposable apparel.

Mothers and grandmothers who were brought up in the 1940-60’s, still hold an appreciation for a well-sewn item of clothing. Their eye for quality might have been developed through their own sewing skills or that of tailors and seamstresses of their day.

Yet now with the ferocious spread of cheap fast-fashion production and consumption, we’re hard pressed to identify true quality.

Buying less, then selecting quality items, are empowering actions in support of more sustainable and ethical consumerism.

Here’s a starting point to signs of quality clothing:

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Saying “NO” to conventional beauty

Saying “NO” to conventional beauty

There’s no bigger critic than ourselves, is there? Especially when it comes to our perception of what beauty is, let alone society’s persuasions.

So why then have I chosen to shave my shoulder-length hair to an uncommon buzz cut? Especially at 46, with life already etched into my face!

Granted it is an up coming trend – one need only look at the recent Fall Fashion Week models to see that – but no, I’m 46 and not delusional. Trends don’t motivate me and neither do youthful flawless faces.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month maybe it’s presumed that that was my catalyst. No, I advocate cancer prevention through eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, regular exercise and mindfulness. This encourages one’s focus on lifestyle and disease prevention first, rather than detection later.

My intention behind this bold shave is the intuitive feeling of opportunity:

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7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

Across all social media platforms, teens and young adults are immersed in fashion ‘must-haves’. It’s these millions of images and messages that ultimately encourage gross self-indulgence through unyielding consumerism.

Yet, flip the coin and there’s another side to fashion, both engaging and self-empowering!

We’re onto something very exciting if, and when, we use fashion as a driving force to lead our teens into worthy self-esteem through acts of global healing.

Activating self-empowerment through fashion sounds oddly contradictory to what mainstream fashion asks of us though. In fact, fast fashion retailers ask nothing of us other than to buy, buy and buy even more.

Isn’t the term “slave to fashion” more suitable to today’s 52-week fashion shopping cycle?

What if we were to hone our kid’s shopping habits by exposing them to the human and environmental cost of the fashion industry?

For instance, by not buying regularly from fast fashion retailers, our teens can each reduce 82 pounds (37 kg) of textile waste per year!  (Easily the weight of a tween!)

It’s not just youngsters who are given an invitation to consider the possibility that we’re far more than just consumers! Each of us votes with our hard-earned currency, and we can choose to be part of something bigger.

As parents though we can recognise that fashion is a powerfully persuasive and apt tool to redirect our teens’ energies to greater purpose.

Here’s 7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion:

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