Shaving off my hair at 46

There’s no bigger critic than ourselves, is there? Especially when it comes to our perception of what beauty is, let alone society’s persuasions.

So why then have I chosen to shave my shoulder-length hair to an uncommon buzz cut? Especially at 46, with life already etched into my face!

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Is it all beeswax?


My 11-year old daughter loves lip balm. So much so that she wriggles her way into every available store, while we’re travelling abroad, looking for the next perfect balm (one that lives up to her favourite USA brand, Hurraw). Been privy to her frequent ingredient investigations has pointedly shown us that so many balms contain beeswax.

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An ingredient to avoid in lip care!

why use something that doesn't work?My father always had dry lips, yet he was forever reaching for his ‘trusty’ lip-ice.

I have to admit, it annoyed me as a child.

I vividly remember looking up at him, wondering why on earth he so doggedly reapplied that awful stuff, (I learnt to hate lip balms) again and again. To no avail.

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Diets: The convenience of being confused

Granted, we’re fed so much contradictory dietary information, health claims, advice and highly publicised titbits from reductionist research, it’s no wonder we don’t know what to believe!

So let’s untangle ourselves from this dietary confusion, shall we?

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Giving us some head space!

Have you heard about the coolest app that brings us a little head space?  If not, where have you been – too busy maybe?

HeadspaceWhat Headspace gives us is a nifty, modern way to quieten our mind.  It comes to you as a mobile app and digital platform (already has over 1-million users) of pre-packaged and very accessible guided sessions.

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