Moms’ burning question, answered!

Moms’ burning question, answered!

The burning question: “But what about my kids’ needing their daily glass of cow’s milk? “

Cow's milk not natural

I think that we mothers (or anyone taking care of themselves or others), believe we make food choices based on ‘solid fact’ or what we’ve ‘learnt’. Only problem is who’s teaching us? Supermarket shelves? The feel-good blurb on milk cartons? Media messaging? Your mother’s assumptions? Schools?  Well, listen up, and update your knowledge!

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5 inspiring ‘Moving Men’

1. Frank Medrano – Calisthenics expert: Why him?  Because he moves his body in flippin’ amazing ways!! Frank Medrano

“Stay humble, be positive, support anyone who decides to put in their effort to better themselves. We all started at the bottom and inspire to better ourselves. I’m impressed with anyone who decides to challenge themselves to be a better person at any level” 

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Humour: The Tampon Temper

My mother and youngest daughter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
My mother and youngest daughter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I really admire those who find the funny in an otherwise frustrating or ‘bad’ situation.  That takes a lightness of heart!  I tend to see the funny after a little rant and rave, (must be the red-hair genes).  Nevertheless, here’s a hilariousness I’ll share. It happened while living in the dark of Saudi Arabia… enjoy!

A menstruating woman is a force to be reckoned with. My trip inside a Saudi Arabian supermarket demonstrates this perfectly.

Before arriving as an expatriate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2008, I was forewarned that tampons were then still hard to come by, as their use among unmarried muslin women is vehemently discouraged. However in my early shopping expeditions, while still in a stunned-like new-comer state, I clapped eyes on a couple of woebegone boxes of Tampax. (Somewhere between the cling foil wrap and dustbin liners aisles.)

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Skin sense – thanks to water and plants

Skin sense – thanks to water and plants

Skin sense - thanks to water & plants

I’ve been cursed with open pores. As a result I’ve elected torture on the warm beds and peacefully scented rooms of beauticians, while they go about their necessary business of facial extractions. At 40 I could have wept for having skin that resembled a sprouting seed trough.

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