A vegan tween speaks frankly

A vegan tween speaks frankly

This mother-daughter interview  first appeared on the Main Street Vegan blog, 2 years ago. I’d love to share it with my readers!

Isabelle is almost a teenager. A time when friends become new major influencers. Yet this vegan tween is already facing and dealing with peer pressure on her own terms. This beautiful young girl is also my daughter and today she gently tells us about what it’s like to stand up for ones ethics at the age of 12.

The reveal:

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Kids’ heart-pounding activism

Kids’ heart-pounding activism

As a parent to two young activists, I’m standing in my living room, witness to something pretty darn inspiring.

I watch as my youngest daughter prances around like she has ants in her pants. She reads aloud, sharing every encouraging comment made on her fledgling YouTube channel sharing.

She’s literally radiant in her realisation that she has the ability to connect, interact and positively impact others around our globe.

“I’ve made a difference mummy!”  She’s sure of it. That’s all one needs.

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7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

Across all social media platforms, teens and young adults are immersed in fashion ‘must-haves’. It’s these millions of images and messages that ultimately encourage gross self-indulgence through unyielding consumerism.

Yet, flip the coin and there’s another side to fashion, both engaging and self-empowering!

We’re onto something very exciting if, and when, we use fashion as a driving force to lead our teens into worthy self-esteem through acts of global healing.

Activating self-empowerment through fashion sounds oddly contradictory to what mainstream fashion asks of us though. In fact, fast fashion retailers ask nothing of us other than to buy, buy and buy even more.

Isn’t the term “slave to fashion” more suitable to today’s 52-week fashion shopping cycle?

What if we were to hone our kid’s shopping habits by exposing them to the human and environmental cost of the fashion industry?

For instance, by not buying regularly from fast fashion retailers, our teens can each reduce 82 pounds (37 kg) of textile waste per year!  (Easily the weight of a tween!)

It’s not just youngsters who are given an invitation to consider the possibility that we’re far more than just consumers! Each of us votes with our hard-earned currency, and we can choose to be part of something bigger.

As parents though we can recognise that fashion is a powerfully persuasive and apt tool to redirect our teens’ energies to greater purpose.

Here’s 7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion:

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7 steps to Guide a Teen’s Closet Clean

7 steps to Guide a Teen’s Closet Clean

As a vegan stylist and mother of both a tween and teen daughter, I’m intrigued by how we’re constantly chartering new waters when it comes to our individual clothing choices.

For tweens and young teens, the necessity for constant size changes is only the beginning. Progressing from child-like prints and styles also calls for updates. Then there’re the social pressures, created by fast-fashion retailers and fueled by peers, which can muster up great uncertainties. The result is often a closet packed with ‘trial and error’, outgrown or outdated, and orphaned pieces.

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Authentically thirteen – our 1st teen party

Authentically thirteen – our 1st teen party

Isabelle, our daughter, (aka the vegan whisperer) turned 13 last Sunday. That’s a pretty big deal for daughter, and mother!  Was it time to organise that first dance party? Yikes!

I wanted to do my part to make Isabelle’s party wonderful, so I offered her what I could. From an out-of-town movie (we have no cinema here), even the proverbial dance party, to a home-based formal dinner (mom & dad poised as quiet chefs and servers), or handing it over to our talented chef and friend Brett, at VegTable to treat party goes to the real deal.

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Lilly-long-legs-eleven, Party Time!

Lilly-long-legs-eleven, Party Time!

Party time vegan treats

I’ve no doubt that I am one of many moms who let out a big sigh of relief once their child’s birthday party is done and dusted. Deemed a success, with lasting memories made.

While I could have almost guaranteed party ease and success while living in the Middle East’s year-round poolside-friendly parties, coming back to South Africa’s unpredictable Cape autumn weather, (and throwing vegan into the mix) calls for much more thought and planning on my part.

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