A vegan’s guide to eating in Rome, 2015

Rome guideYou’re not going to starve in Rome, but you knew that!

“Yes”, you tell others, “of course pasta is vegan, in fact, just like chocolate the pure authentic kind is plant-based by default.”

As much as Italians love their pasta though, let’s not live on it! Which leads us to Rome’s great plant-based foods versus “that’ll do” offerings.

There’s great gelato and there’s synthetic-tasting gelato. There’re wholesome versus weakling salads! Bruschetta to live for and bruschetta you’ll want to forget…

Here’s my guide to finding what’s out there in 2015!

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Our 7 glorious days touring Vegano Italiano style!

After an exceptional week in Rome, my mother, daughters and I headed for Naples to join our tour group on the inaugural year of Vegano Italiano Festival.  Jumping into their 2nd week’s tour slot coupled us with guest hosts, the effervescent Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and the unassuming Dr Ruby Lathon.

The majority of our travel mates don’t follow a full plant-based way of eating (yet on this tour they chose to). Some were family of guest hosts, others simply looking for a healthy, fun way to experience the south of Italy. For us, we wanted to experience community, southern Italy and enjoy local seasonal foods.

That we did!

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An amplified cooking experience!

cooking experience amplified

You might be curious about my first photo, or maybe you’ve guessed; I’ll let you in on a tip shared by Mark Reinfeld, our awesome teacher chef, during my recent Vegan Fusion Miami-based cooking course….

Placing your smart phone into a jug amplifies your kitchen-time tunes!

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A beautiful place to LIVE!


Peace. Truth. Passion. This is what I saw and felt among the human and non human animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I’ve visited some small farms over my years, met some good meaning, caring farmers who say, and I believe them, that they love their animals. Only thing is, it’s conditional love. They then send their ‘loved ones’ off to slaughter.

Here though, the injustice and horrors of their lives are behind them. Each animal has a name, is loved, known and respected for their individual personality and idiosyncrasies. Just as there are strong fighting spirits present in us humans, those determined to overcome illness and pain, so too have these precious rescued beauties.

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Our USA road trip, (where to stay, play & eat)

To be honest our exploratory trip north of Manhattan (northeastern corner of the US) only really flourished from my intense desire to visit an animal farm sanctuary.

The year previous, while sailing the Turkish coast, I read ‘Animal Camp‘ by Kathy Stevens, founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary. A visit there became my dream for our animal-loving family.

USA summer 2014

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Part 2 of eating healthily around Holland & Belgium


It was a whole lot easier to find healthy food-on-the-go in Holland than in Belgium. Goodness I couldn’t live in Belgium if the absence of whole foods in restaurants and eateries is any measure of what they eat on a daily basis!


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