The big question when you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle is “Where do I begin?” and “Is this actually the healthiest way of doing things?”

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel supported by having a guide, someone who is there to partner with you, help and motivate you through your questions, uncertainties, goals and hiccups?

Maybe you simply want to improve on your personal sense of wellbeing, your exercise programme, perhaps your style of dress, or learn the details of plant-based nutrition and its health benefits.

I’ll meet you where you’re currently at, as I’m here to help you along your journey!

I offer a personalised approach to personal styling, plant-powered diets and lifestyle coaching and promise to guide, support, and encourage you as you develop your consciousness for a happier, more fulfilling life!

Potential topics we will discuss are nutrition, personal styling, fitness, food preparation, personal body care tips & tricks, self-kindness and anything else that comes up for you.

Working with me you will: 

  • Learn how to prepare satisfying and nutritious meals
  • Pantry, label coaching & clean out
  • Shop confidently for groceries while saving money & time
  • Transition to a complete or predominately plant-based diet with ease
  • Improve your gut health and strengthen your immune system
  • Learn how and what exercise is best for you
  • Personal care products and techniques for a better functioning body
  • Bring calm and kindness into your world through home-based techniques
  • Guidance for improved family eating habits

Perhaps you want to get the ball rolling by beginning with one kick-off session.

We’ll look at your current eating and beverage habits, daily practices, your lifestyle demands and most importantly what you’re want to achieve, your goals!

Once our focus is found, and with my guidance, we’ll come up with and commit to your next steps and big picture possibilities for reaching those goals. I then offer a follow up mail with useful and relevant resources that will help you move forward.

One 90-minute Skype call (or 2-hour local visit) with an email follow-up (includes 2-3 hours of preparation): R1050

From there we can see if you’re needing more in-depth support, as I can then offer an extended coaching experience. If we decide to continue working together.