Year’s Sustainable Wardrobe Pledge Round Up

Year’s Sustainable Wardrobe Pledge Round Up

As I reflect on my 2017 efforts to not buy newly produced clothing, I realise my year’s pledge was not so much about passing or failing the pledge, but more about making it a catalyst to enhance my consciousness around my possessions.

Through my pledge efforts, I became the observer of my shopping tendencies. So while I failed in buying no clothing and accessories in 2017, it’s left me with a far greater understanding of why and how I continually shopped.

This pledge coincided beautifully with additional opportunities to really challenge myself in letting go and embracing change; the latter was something I thought I had already mastered. Alas I’ve a long way to go!

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2017 wardrobe pledge: How I’ve failed and won (6-months in)!

2017 wardrobe pledge: How I’ve failed and won (6-months in)!

On 1st January 2017, I pledged not to buy any newly produced clothing for one year. In fact I intended not to buy any items, including previously-owned, but gave myself some leeway, just in case.

I’ve failed.  But I’m not defeated.

The first 6-months of the pledge has honed my awareness and intention around my personal style, size of wardrobe, and efforts in supporting sustainable fashion practises.

I always had plenty of excuses for owning too many clothes. Here are just four commonly held beliefs;

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7 tips to earn cash by purging your closet

7 tips to earn cash by purging your closet

Developing a more minimalistic approach to our closet needs is gaining maximum appeal.

On the backend of this conscious movement, comes the renewed appreciation for buying fewer, deliberately sought basics. As any good personal stylist will agree, purchasing from consignment stores and vintage boutiques can offer buyers quality apparel, at more affordable prices.

Whatever the motivation to streamline and redefine one’s closet staples, the decluttering journey can bring surprising financial rewards, when reselling your higher quality, well kept items.

So ask yourself, if you were to develop habits of buying less, at better quality, what resold essentials would you snap up? Maybe you have some worthy pieces in your closet that you’re ready to let go of to make space for less?

Here are 7 tips to earn cash while purging your closet;

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